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Service Terms

1. Service Scope

OÜ Kodulehe Tellimine provides a comprehensive range of website creation services, including consultation, design, development, maintenance, marketing, and optimization. The scope of work is detailed in the price proposal provided to the client. Any additional services requested by the client will incur separate charges.

2. Payment Conditions

An upfront payment of 33% of the agreed service fee is required. This initial payment should be transferred to the bank account of OÜ Kodulehe Tellimine prior to the commencement of work.

The client is obliged to pay OÜ Kodulehe Tellimine the agreed fee for the completed work. Payment should be made upon work completion, unless a different arrangement has been agreed upon in writing. Any additional services requested by the client are payable upon completion.

All payments should be made via bank transfer to the account of OÜ Kodulehe Tellimine.

3. Delivery

OÜ Kodulehe Tellimine will deliver the fully completed website to the client as per the agreed schedule. Delays on the part of OÜ Kodulehe Tellimine will not result in additional fees.

4. Ownership

Upon payment of the fee, the client obtains ownership of the website and all associated materials, including intellectual property rights. OÜ Kodulehe Tellimine will not utilize the client's materials for any purpose other than website creation.

5. Quality Assurance

OÜ Kodulehe Tellimine is committed to delivering a high-quality website that meets the client's specifications. We guarantee that the website will be free from material and workmanship defects.

6. Maintenance

OÜ Kodulehe Tellimine provides website maintenance and updates as required. Any additional maintenance and updates requested by the client will be billed separately.

7. Support

OÜ Kodulehe Tellimine offers 30 days of website support post-delivery. Any additional support requested by the client will be billed separately.

8. Confidentiality

OÜ Kodulehe Tellimine maintains the confidentiality of all client-provided data and information. We will not share this information with third parties without the client's prior written consent.

9. Contract Termination

OÜ Kodulehe Tellimine reserves the right to terminate the contract if the client fails to pay the agreed fee or breaches the contract terms. In the event of contract termination due to a client's breach, OÜ Kodulehe Tellimine will not refund the client's fee.

10. Dispute Resolution

All disputes related to this Agreement will be addressed through negotiations. In the event that negotiations are unsuccessful, the dispute will be taken to court for resolution.

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