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Kodulehe Tellimine OÜ

Web Design and Development

Modern, simple, and well-functioning solutions for creating a company's website and its content. Our services are characterized by professionalism, precision, and customer satisfaction. We aim to assist clients in developing their websites to ensure their success.

Kodulehe Tellimine OÜ, offering programming and computer-related consultation (reg. code: 14933675), was established in March 2020 in Valga, Estonia. This was preceded by completing a front-end developer course organized by Google and Udacity, entrepreneurship training, undertaking several smaller and larger projects, and a passion for programming.


We offer website ordering services through a questionnaire.

Kodulehe Tellimine OÜ employs the latest and most innovative technologies to provide our services. Our approach is customer-centric. We listen carefully to the client's needs and wishes and work closely with them to ensure the best result.


  • Marketing and Consultation
  • Web Development
  • Content Creation
  • Optimization
  • Maintenance


  • All services are priced at €15 per hour. VAT is not added.
  • All services include a project plan and schedule.
  • A contract is signed with the client, defining all terms of services.
  • The client must pay a third (33%) of the service fee as a prepayment.
  • Payment is made before publishing the page.


Kodulehe Tellimine OÜ offers high-quality web design services tailored to the client's needs. Services include web design, web development, website optimization, and marketing. We provide a full service, including web hosting.

Kodulehe Tellimine OÜ

Petseri tn. 8-53, 68204, Valga, Estonia

Tel: +372 56 8844 56


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