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We provide website content creation services, distinguished by our customer-focused approach, expertise in web content creation, and budget-friendly pricing - all our services are available at €15 per hour. We specialize in English writing and translations. We're eager to assist if you're looking to present your company through high-quality website content.

Discover the importance of investing in quality content creation, the challenges faced during content creation, and our solutions to these challenges.

Why Prioritize Quality Content Creation?

Quality content delivers value to your target audience. It addresses questions about your company, its products, and services, and provides solutions to the reader's problems.

1. Stand Out from Your Competitors

In a competitive landscape, innovation and uniqueness are key. High-quality, unique website content is an effective way to achieve this, enhancing reader engagement. Unique and well-crafted text retains the reader on the page, thereby increasing the likelihood of boosting company recognition and sales.

2. Enhanced Visibility in Online Searches

Relevant text on your website contributes to improved visibility in online searches. Search engines, like Google, favor unique and high-quality content. If the text aligns with the keyword or phrase used in the search, the page is more likely to appear among the top results.

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Challenges in Content Creation

Creating engaging and personalized content can be challenging. The time and effort required to craft quality text are often underestimated. We simplify this process for our clients.

Some potential challenges in content creation include:

  • Creating text that aligns with reader expectations and the needs of the target group.
  • Incorporating professional advice in the text to provide solutions.
  • Creating content that distinguishes you from your competitors.

We assist in resolving these and other content creation challenges.

Formulating an Effective Content Creation Strategy

Strategic planning is crucial before initiating any activity, including website content creation. We analyze your competitors and identify the keywords and terms prevalent in your industry. This information allows us to plan the creation of website content and estimate the potential number of page visitors.

To devise a successful content creation strategy, understanding the expectations and needs of your target group is essential.

1. Identifying the Target Audience and Setting Goals

We identify the target audience for your website and establish clear objectives. This strategy enables us to direct your website towards the right people, making it easier to create content that meets their expectations and needs. It's also crucial to determine the expected actions that visitors will take on the site.

2. Industry and Competitor Analysis

Understandingthe industry landscape and your competitors is crucial. Competitor analysis helps identify their strengths and weaknesses. With this information, you can craft text that truly stands out.

3. Planning Website Content

Measure thrice, cut once. Thorough preparation is key to achieving a good outcome. We employ various methods for this, such as analyzing existing content, studying online trends, and devising a content strategy. We determine which topics are important to the target group and understand the goals and motivations of the visitors - the content they are seeking.

Principles We Uphold in Content Creation

1. Utilization of Keywords

Keywords must be selected judiciously - they should be relevant to the company's products and services. It's important not to overdo it, as search engines penalize spam. Keywords should be used naturally within valuable and informative text. This is how you can enhance the authority of your website.

2. What Can You Offer the Customer?

Why should customers choose you over your competitors? This is a question you should ask yourself when writing website content. The text must offer something to the reader and pique their interest. The visitor is seeking a solution to their problem and a guide who can help solve it. A good guide should demonstrate empathy and authority. The reader can only trust a guide who has a plan to solve their problem.

The visitor should be able to find what they are looking for on the page with minimal effort. Otherwise, they will seek it elsewhere. The text to be created should be:

  • useful and engaging,
  • user-friendly,
  • easily discoverable.

Good content focuses on a specific topic. It's easy to read, personal, and narrates the company's story. You should not expect the person to understand how the company's product or service will transform their life. You have to tell them. The content should be:

  • focused and well-targeted,
  • distinguishing from competitors,
  • comprehensive.

Remember that you are writing for a person. However, the web content is also read by a machine, which must also comprehend the writing.

3. Website Images and Videos

Visual elements should complement the written text. Images and videos make the written content more appealing and easier to understand. Images must be of high quality and relevant to the text. Together, they narrate the company's story.

4. Adapting Content for Social Media

Social media presents a great opportunity to increase brand awareness and draw your target audience to your website. Social media content should be tailored to be easily shareable across various channels. It's important that the content is concise and impactful. It should include a call to action that encourages sharing.

Website Content Quality Guide

We utilize a guide to assess the quality of the content on the website, which we have compiled in accordance with Google's guidelines. The guide considers SEO and UX best practices. It encompasses all the crucial points to consider when creating website content. Using the guide ensures that the content created is of high quality and delivers value to the user.1

The guide is comprehensive and covers the following topics.

1. Content Quality and Relevance

We verify if the product or service description includes original and fresh information, research findings, or analyses. Is the content comprehensive, detailed, and does it broadly cover the topic? Does it provide an in-depth analysis and intriguing data that go beyond the obvious? Is the provided information current and reflective of the product or service's present state?

2. Expertise and Trustworthiness

Does the website provide information from reliable sources, evidence of expertise and authorship, and information about the site's background? Is the content created by an expert or enthusiast who is knowledgeable about the topic? Are there any factual errors that are easy to verify?

3. Reader-Centricity

Is the website primarily designed for people, not for manipulating search engine rankings? Is the text easy to read, understandable, and valuable to people?

4. Originality and Added Value

Does it provide significant added value compared to other search results? Does the content avoid simple copying and rewriting from other sources? Does the page offer substantial added value in an original form? Is the text not misleading or deceptive to the consumer?

5. Consistency of Title and Content

Does the website title provide a helpful overview of the content? Is it engaging, but not misleading or exaggerating?

6. Quality of Content Production

Is the content well-produced, or does it appear careless and hastily made? Is the content mass-produced, or has each page received adequate attention and care? Is it written correctly, without typographical errors?

7. User-Friendliness of Content

Is the text understandable to the user and does it meet their expectations? Is this a page you would want to bookmark and share with a friend? Does the content give the reader the impression that they need to look for better information from other sources? Is the writing on topics simply because they seem trendy, not because they are of interest to the expected audience of the page?

8. Reliability of Content

Does studying the content-producing page lead to the conclusion that it is a reliable and widely recognized authority in its field? Does the service description match reality - are all the promises made in the description achievable?

Using the Guide Ensures Quality Outcomes

The content created by Kodulehe Tellimine OÜ is high quality and user-focused. We also use the guide to analyze the content of the client's competitors. This way, wecan determine the industry's average level and how to surpass it.

Why Opt for Kodulehe Tellimine OÜ's Services?

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Services at the price of €15 an hour

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Looking to establish a credible website for your company but unsure where to start? Kodulehe Tellimine OÜ is a company specializing in website creation and content development, operating since 2020. We offer a website ordering service via a questionnaire, creating a page and its content based on the client's needs. Here are some reasons to choose our service:

  • Ability to order a website through a questionnaire.
  • Quality results delivered swiftly and affordably.
  • Consultation and assistance when needed.

Need help or consultation? Send us a message!

1. Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

The client maintains control over the work and the final outcome. Depending on the need, we utilize existing website content or create new ones when developing the website. If only text is needed without a website, that is also possible. We also offer one-on-one consultations and assistance in filling out the questionnaire. We perform translations according to the client's needs.

2. Simplifying Marketing

The quality of work and the originality of the content make their marketing straightforward and efficient. Internet search engines favor well-crafted pages that are unique.

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3. Best Price

All our services are priced at €15 per hour. VAT is not added. This is the best price on the market. The final service price depends on the workload.

If you wish to order a quality website and its content, fill in the questionnaire on the homepage and receive a quote! If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message.

Need help or consultation? Send us a message!

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