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Crafting Your Business's Website

We offer comprehensive website development services, covering everything from design to maintenance. Through a detailed questionnaire, we identify your company's needs and preferences, and build a website accordingly. Additional services such as hosting and continuous website management are available upon request.

Why is a Website Essential for Your Business?

A website serves as a company's digital business card. It allows potential customers to explore your products and services, enabling them to make informed purchasing decisions. A website can broaden your customer reach, enhance credibility, and ultimately boost sales.

A well-structured website acts like a 24/7 sales representative. It offers a competitive edge in online searches, making it feasible for even small or newly established businesses to connect with their target audience. Investing in website creation is a decision that yields quick returns.

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Website Development via a Questionnaire

Predicting all facets of website development can be challenging. A questionnaire can help answer critical questions before the work commences, ensuring that both the client's and developer's expectations align.

1. Filling Out the Questionnaire

Our comprehensive questionnaire aids in determining the structure and functionality your company's website requires. This allows us to establish a budget and timeline for the website's creation.

The questionnaire encompasses questions such as:

  • Your company's target market, products, and services,
  • The nature and objective of the website to be developed,
  • The design and content creation for the upcoming website.

Even without placing an order, completing the questionnaire can provide insights into your company's needs. It outlines the website development process and the necessary tools.

The responses are stored on the respondent's device, allowing for easy modifications and additions at any time. Sample answers are provided to assist with the questionnaire completion. We also offer consultation services for any uncertainties during the questionnaire completion.

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2. Submitting a Pricing Inquiry

Upon completing the questionnaire, a pricing inquiry can be submitted. Based on your responses, we will provide a custom price quote detailing the required work, its cost, and the timeline for website creation. The final cost of the price quote depends on the time and work needed to develop the website.

3. Placing the Website Order

If our price quote is acceptable to the client, an upfront payment of one-third of the agreed price is made, and the work commences. The remaining balance is paid before the website goes live. We create a unique website tailored to the client's needs, contributing to their business growth.

The ordering process typically spans 1-2 weeks.

Website Development Process

1. Preliminary Work and Planning

We identify the client's needs and objectives, and determine the structure and functionality of the website. Preliminary work and planning are crucial stages that ensure the final product aligns with the client's expectations and requirements.

2. Content Creation, Design, and Development

Based on the client's needs, we either create new content for the website or utilize existing content. Our content creation service includes strategy development and keyword analysis, along with creating website text, images, and more.

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We design pages using both pre-made templates and custom designs provided by the client. As a unique solution, we also offer in-house design creation.

The subsequent step involves development work, which includes programming and other necessary technical tasks to develop the website's functionality. We employ modern technology and best web development practices in our website creation process.

3. Testing and Verification

Website creation also encompasses testing and verification to ensure seamless operation. Testing aids in debugging the website and resolving any issues before it goes live.

4. Launch and Post-Sale Service

After testing and verification, the website is indexed by internet search engines. We assist the client in launching the created website and provide support for related issues. We also offer post-sale service, which includes necessary updates and maintenance to keep the website current and functioning optimally.

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Why Opt for Kodulehe Tellimine OÜ's Services?

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Kodulehe Tellimine OÜ

Services at the price of €15 an hour

Website DevelopmentContent Development

Looking to build a trustworthy website for your business but unsure where to start? We offer website creation using a questionnaire. We develop a website and its content based on the client's needs. Here are some reasons to choose our service:

  • Effortless and convenient ordering process.
  • Quick and affordable delivery of high-quality results.
  • Consultation and support when required.

OÜ Kodulehe Tellimine is a company specializing in website and content creation, operating since 2020. We utilize technologies such as:

  • React JS
  • Gatsby JS
  • Netlify
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Contentful
  • GitHub

1. Building a Modern Website

We develop technologically advanced single-page applications. Such a page ensures a smooth user experience and achieves success in search engine rankings.

We primarily develop websites based on Gatsby JS. The competitive edge of our websites lies in their speed and the ability to generate web pages preemptively, i.e., before the user requests them. This results in quick page loading and an enhanced user experience.

Gatsby JS is ideal for creating static websites, such as blogs, portfolios, corporate websites, and e-stores. It is also suitable for large, data-intensive websites with substantial content and imagery.

2. Control Over Work and Final Product

During website creation, it's crucial for the client to have control over the work and final product. We use version control to maintain the code. If desired, the client can access the website's source code.

3. Marketing Ease

A website built with high technical standards and quality content is easier to market. Such websites are favored by search engines. A professional website aids in building a company's credibility and reputation.

4. Customer Experience and Security

A well-structured and optimized website ensures a superior user experience. This aids in establishing long-term customer relationships and guarantees end-user satisfaction. Completed websites are secure and adhere to relevant requirements.

Website Development Pricing

All our services are priced at €15 per hour, offering the best value in the market. The final cost of the website depends on the volume of work, content, and functionality to be developed. The websites we create can be broadly categorized into three types:

  • Simple
  • Standard
  • Custom Solution

1. Simple Website for €600

A basic landing page based on a template, providing the company's essential information, contact details, links to social media pages, etc. Additional features such as a contact form, gallery, blog, etc. can be added. If required, multilingualism, content management software, and web hosting can be incorporated.

A simple website is suitable for a company that already has website content. The page is technically superior and competitive in search engines. The creation of such a page requires 40 working hours and spans 2-4 weeks.

2. Standard Website for €1200

The creation of a standard website typically involves developing website content and using a pre-made template. Additional features such as a contact form, gallery, blog, etc. can be added. If required, multilingualism, content management software, and web hosting can be incorporated.

A standard website is suitable for a company that either lacks website content or needs editing and optimization of existing content. The page is technically robust and can achieve a competitive edge with selected keywords. The creation of such a page requires 80 working hours and spans 1-2 months.

3. Custom Solution for €3000

A custom solution allows for more complex work and design solutions, including ordering centers and e-commerce related features.

The custom solution website is suitable for a company with complex needs and preferences. The page is technically robust and can achieve a competitive edge with selected keywords. The creation of such a page requires 200 working hours and spans 2-4 months.

If you wish to order a professional and intelligent website, fill out the questionnaire and receive a quote!

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