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Full-service website creation - everything necessary from website design to maintenance. Our service's competitive advantage includes a unique website ordering questionnaire, modern web development, and affordable prices. Through the questionnaire, we identify the client's needs and wishes. Based on these, we prepare a high-quality website at the best price.

Service Advantages:

  • Unique Approach: Offering customized solutions through the questionnaire ensures that the client's needs and preferences are precisely understood.
  • Quality: Using modern technology and the best practices of web development ensures a high-quality website.
  • Competitive Price: Service pricing at €15/hour is affordable, especially considering the customized solutions and quality level. The quote provides an exact price, giving the client assurance that the final price will not change.
  • Aftercare: 30 days of free aftercare and the option to order a paid maintenance service ensure that clients receive ongoing support after the website is published.

Service Disadvantages:

  • Time Requirement: Filling out the questionnaire can take from a few days to a week, which may be too time-consuming for some clients.
  • Need for Preliminary Knowledge: Filling out the questionnaire requires a certain level of prior knowledge about the company's needs and website goals, which can be challenging for some clients.
  • Prepayment Requirement: The required prepayment may be a barrier for small businesses or startups.

What Benefits Does a Company Get from a Website?

A website is a company's digital business card. Through it, potential clients can familiarize themselves with products and services and make informed purchasing decisions. It allows for expanding the customer base and increasing credibility. All this helps to boost sales.

A well-made website acts as a salesperson working 24/7. It provides a competitive advantage in internet searches. Thus, even a small or newly established company can easily reach its target audience. Creating a website is an investment that pays off quickly.

Creating a Website Through a Questionnaire

Predicting all aspects of website creation is challenging. We use a website ordering questionnaire to understand the requester's needs, allowing for answers to the most critical questions before starting work. This approach ensures that the expectations of the requester and developer regarding the work and the final result are aligned.

1. Filling Out the Questionnaire

The questionnaire is comprehensive. Responding can take from a few days to a week. The answers help determine the structure and functionality the company needs for its website. This sets a budget and schedule for the website creation.

The questionnaire includes, among other things:

  • the company's target market, products, and services,
  • the type and purpose of the website being created,
  • the design and content creation of the website being created.

Even if it does not lead to an order, filling out the questionnaire helps understand the company's needs. The questionnaire shows the website creation process and the necessary tools.

The provided answers are saved on the respondent's device - they can be conveniently modified and supplemented at any time. If anything is unclear while filling out the questionnaire, we offer consultation.

2. Submitting a Price Inquiry

After completing the questionnaire, a price inquiry can be sent. Based on the provided answers, we make a specially tailored quote, listing the necessary work for creating the website, their price, and deadline. All services are priced at €15 per hour. The final price in the quote depends on the time and workload required for the website creation.

3. Ordering the Website

If our quote suits the requester, they pay a third of the specified price as a prepayment, and the work begins. The remaining sum is paid before the website is published. We create a unique website based on the requester's needs, which helps develop the business.

Creating a quote usually takes up to a week.

Website Creation Process

1. Preparation and Planning

Identifying the client's needs and goals, determining the website's structure and functionality. Preparation and planning are crucial stages. They help ensure that the final result fully meets the requester's expectations and demands.

2. Content Creation, Design, and Development

Depending on the requester's needs, we create content for the website or use existing content. The content creation service includes content strategy and keyword analysis. Creation of the website's texts, images, and more.

We create pages based on ready-made templates or according to the design provided by the requester. As a special solution, we design ourselves.

The next step is development work. This includes programming and other necessary technical work to develop the page's functionality. In creating the website, we use modern technology and the best practices of web development. As a standard solution, we use the React JS framework. However, other technologies can also be used.

3. Testing and Control

Website creation includes testing and checking the website to ensure its faultless operation. Testing helps with troubleshooting and solving problems before it becomes available to the public.

4. Publication and Aftercare

After testing and checking, the website is indexed in internet search engines. We assist the client in deploying the created website and solving related questions. We offer 30 days of aftercare. Subsequent security updates are automated and free.

Why Choose the Service of Kodulehe Tellimine OÜ?

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Kodulehe Tellimine OÜ

Services €15 per hour

web developmentweb design

Want to create a credible website for your company but don't know where to start? We offer website ordering through a questionnaire. We create a website and its content based on the requester's needs. Some reasons to choose our service:

  • Easy and convenient ordering.
  • High-quality results quickly and affordably.
  • Consultation and assistance if needed.

Kodulehe Tellimine OÜ is a company specialized in creating websites and their content, operating since 2020.

1. Creating Modern Websites

We create technologically advanced, single-page application type websites. Such a site ensures a smooth user experience and success in internet search engines.

We mainly produce websites based on Gatsby JS and Next JS. Our created websites' competitive advantage lies in the page's speed and the ability to generate web pages preemptively, i.e., before the user requests them. This allows for the page to load quickly, thus improving the user experience.

Gatsby JS is ideally suited for creating static websites, such as blogs, portfolios, corporate homepages, and e-stores. It is also suitable for large, content-rich websites with a lot of content and imagery.

2. Control Over Work and Final Result

It is crucial in website creation that the client can control the work and final result throughout the process. We use version control to preserve the code. If desired, the requester can access the page's source code.

3. Ease of Marketing

It is easier to market a well-technically-made website with high-quality content. Internet search engines love such pages. A professional website helps a company build credibility and reputation.

4. Customer Experience and Security

A well-designed and optimized website ensures a good user experience. It helps to establish long-term customer relationships and ensures end-user satisfaction. The completed websites are secure and meet the relevant requirements.

Cost of Creating a Website

All our services are priced at €15 per hour. This is the best price on the market. The final price of the website depends on the workload, created content, and functionality.

Service Development and Future

Since our founding in March 2020, we have continuously expanded and improved our services to offer the best possible service. Initially, we focused on providing simple web solutions using Gatsby JS templates. Today, we have developed the capability to create original design websites, specifically designed according to the client's needs and preferences.

Rapid technological advancements, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, have allowed us to expand and improve the quality of our services and created code. We have integrated AI to make the creation of websites faster and more efficient.

Adapting constantly to Google's algorithms and SEO requirements, we have integrated marketing activities into our services. In the future, we will focus even more on the visual aspect of websites and technological innovations to offer clients innovative solutions.

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